Nissan LEAF from €25,900 (Incl. Government Subsidy)

Nissan LEAF in Cyprus


The 100% electric family hatchback. There's never been a better time to enjoy the instant response of a 100% electric motor.

Drive past every gas station with a smile, spend less time at the mechanic, and more time on the road. With the Nissan LEAF, you can now go farther on a single charge and the savings just keep adding up. Find out by how much with the calculator below.

With sharp, aerodynamic lines, a distinctive floating roof and the signature V-Motion grille, Nissan LEAF looks as advanced as the technology behind it. Be bold. Be adventurous. Be captivated.

Switch to Nissan LEAF and join the electric revolution, with a Government subsidy of €10,000.


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Nissan LEAF from €25,900 (Incl. Government Subsidy)