Electric Cars Cyprus: What are your options in 2023?

April 28th 2023


Electric cars are a relatively new concept in Cyprus, but they're becoming more popular day by day. They are becoming more and more common on the roads, and many people are finding them to be the perfect choice for their needs.

Electric cars work by using battery power instead of gasoline or diesel fuel to run the engine. The batteries take energy from your home or public charging stations and convert it into electricity that powers your car's motor, which turns the wheels and moves you down the road!

What are Electric Cars?

Electric cars are powered by electricity, which makes them more efficient than gas-powered cars. Electric vehicles (EVs) can be charged and travel long distances on a single charge. They're cheaper to maintain than gas-powered cars because there's no oil filter or transmission fluid to change, and the electric motor doesn't require regular maintenance as an internal combustion engine does.

Additionally, EVs emit far less carbon dioxide per mile than conventional vehicles do - about one-tenth as much! This has benefits for both global warming and local air quality issues in urban areas where traffic congestion is high; it also means fewer greenhouse gasses entering Earth's atmosphere from cars on the road today as well as those sold in future decades when they become available worldwide (which they will).

Finally, driving an EV is fun! When you step on that pedal with an electric motor that provides instant torque whenever needed without hesitation or lag time between shifts (like what happens when shifting gears manually), there's nothing else like it!

Are there electric cars in Cyprus?

Why would someone want one? Well... most people buy them because they want something new and different; others do so because they want something more eco-friendly than their current vehicle; while others still may be worried about climate change or other environmental issues such as air pollution caused by exhaust fumes from petrol engines found inside conventional cars.

Does BMW sell electric cars?

BMW is known for their high-performance cars, but the company has also been producing electric vehicles since the early 2000s.

The BMW i4 delivers outstanding dynamics with a high level of comfort and the ideal qualities to make it your daily driver. The first fully electric BMW iX1 radiates electrifying determination and with its functionality and versatility provides inspiration to pursue new paths, with up to 440 km range. The BMW iX3 heralds a new era of emission-free sheer driving pleasure. Thanks to the standard-feature M Sport package in its new design, the new BMW iX3 looks sportier than ever. Whether for short or longer journeys – with a range of up 461 km and electricity consumption from 18.5 kWh/100 km, the new BMW iX3 is ideally suited to every route. You can find out which BMW models are available by visiting the Charalambos Pilakoutas website and navigating to the Electric Cars section https://www.pilakoutasgroup.com.cy/electric-cars 

Does MINI sell electric cars?

The answer is yes. The MINI Electric is a small electric car that has been leased to customers since 2008. It was designed by BMW and sold as part of their "Energieeffizientes Fahren" (Energy Efficient Driving) program.

The all-electric MINI is every bit the original iconic MINI, but powered for the roads of tomorrow. It fuses legendary go-kart feeling, distinctive design, and premium quality with local emissions-free driving.

Find out more information about the MINI Electric here https://www.pilakoutasgroup.com.cy/electric-cars/mini/mini-electric 

Does Jaguar sell electric cars?

The I-PACE is a high-performance electric car that has been available in Cyprus since late 2018. The battery can be charged in 4 hours through an AC charger or 9 hours using a DC charger. You can find out more about the Jaguar I-PACE model by visiting the Charalambos Pilakoutas website and navigating to the Electric Cars section https://www.pilakoutasgroup.com.cy/electric-cars/jaguar/jaguar-i-pace 

Does NISSAN sell electric cars?

Nissan offers a wide range of cars and vans, including electric vehicles. The Leaf is Nissan's technology flagship EV with instant acceleration, incredible range, and plenty of cargo space, with more than 150,000 sold worldwide since its launch in 2010.

You can find out which NISSAN models are available by visiting the Charalambos Pilakoutas website and navigating to the Electric Cars section https://www.pilakoutasgroup.com.cy/electric-cars 

Where can I charge an electric car in Cyprus?

When it comes to charging, you may want to charge your EV at home or at a public charging station. 

If you're in need of public charging points while out on the road then there are networks available throughout Cyprus. Pilakoutas group together with Troodos Electric Cables present e-Point Cyprus, an initiative aiming to install and build a strong network of e-Point EV chargers all over Cyprus. We are collaborating with various organizations and municipalities, to provide EV drivers with easily accessible, public charging locations to charge their vehicles free of charge. An initiative taken by both companies to give back to the community, while supporting the development of e-mobility in Cyprus and promoting a greener tomorrow. You can find more information about e-Point EV chargers here https://epoint.cy/


If you are thinking about buying a car, now is the time to consider an electric one. Electric cars have many benefits over petrol ones, and they are more affordable than you might think.

Electric cars are cheaper to run than petrol cars because they use electricity instead of fuel. You don't need to pay for fuel or maintain your engine like you would with a regular car! This means that it costs less money to operate an electric vehicle than it does for many other types of transportation around Cyprus.

Electric vehicles also help reduce pollution by emitting zero emissions during operation (they still emit CO2 during manufacturing). This makes them better for our environment as well as making sure that people can breathe clean air when using their vehicles!

Check out all the Electric car models offered by Char. Pilakoutas Group in the following link https://www.pilakoutasgroup.com.cy/electric-cars and book your test-drive today.