Corporate Social Responsibility

Pilakoutas Group: Doing what’s right

It’s simple. We do what’s right. No matter what.

As times change, evolve, become more challenging or exciting, we stand by our efforts of both serving Cyprus’ consumers and of helping create positive change for our society. Of helping our country grow and progress.

At the Pilakoutas Group, we are now expanding our efforts to do what’s right, taking on more activities related to social issues, and hoping to increase our contribution to society.

Our landmark “Value of Life” initiative, which has been ongoing for the past 13 years, partners with the Association of Friends of Agia Skepi, who help people with their struggle against substance abuse. We support their efforts to help society’s most vulnerable groups, including young people. Every person able to overcome addiction is a life regained, a life who is given a chance to live to their full potential, to discover their talents, passions and joy.

We also annually stand in support of Europa Donna Cyprus and the humanitarian work it contributes to the fight against breast cancer. With our “Strength of Hope” initiative, we send a message of optimism, particularly to those who are facing health related struggles. We want to lend strength to those who need it and give courage to those fighting this fight.

These two areas are just a part of our efforts to create positive change in our society and to help our country grow. For us corporate social responsibility is nothing new, it’s been a guiding principle for years, with each effort backed by action. Words like sustainability, strategic partnerships and responsible influence for us have meaning. They infuse our Group with the force and determination to continually expand our impact on our country and our people.