Health safety and protection above al

At Pilakoutas Group, the safety and the protection of our clients’ and employees’ health is our top priority.

For that very reason, we strictly adhere to the state experts’ instructions and in addition we take special health protection measures throughout our facilities and at every point of contact between our employees and our customers.

Protection measures for our employees

  • Continuous and detailed updates about health protection and personal hygiene rules
  • Strongly advising employees that belong to vulnerable groups to stay home for maximum protection
  • Provision of special-purpose parental leave
  • Postponement of all professional activities abroad
  • Postponement of meetings with external partners and suppliers
  • Restriction of presence in public areas and strict 2-meter social distancing
  • Postponement of trainings that require physical presence and use of e-learning when possible
  • Use of gloves and disposable masks by all staff
  • Installation of disinfection devices in every office
  • Strict adherence to 1 person per 8 square meters ratio
  • Continuous natural ventilation throughout our premises
  • Use of alternative communication channels via digital and online tools

Facilities protection measures (showrooms – repair workshops)

  • Installation of disinfection devices at the Group’s showrooms and car repair workshops
  • Use of gloves and disposable masks by all staff
  • Regular general disinfection of all the premises of the Group with certified means
  • Daily meticulous disinfection of all the facilities of the Group with special sanitizing products
  • Detailed external and internal disinfection of all vehicles before delivering them to our customers
  • Receiving and delivering our customers’ cars through special mutual protection protocols
  • Meticulous disinfection of all Customer Service and Test Drive cars
  • Installation of special glass dividing and protection panels between employees, visitors and customers
  • Maintaining distance and avoiding overcrowding through information material and special signage
  • Strict adherence to the 1 person per 8 square meters ratio and the 2-meter social distancing rule