Mégane E-TECH Electric: Everything is new except its name

New Renault Mégane E-TECH a 100% electric, it is equipped with an entirely new wound-rotor synchronous motor. At the wheel of the most powerful version of 160 kW (equivalent to 220 horsepower)

New Mégane E-TECH Electric is a stylistic departure from the previous generation. Its "sensual-tech" design is ultra-modern with, in particular, microoptic LED taillights and laser engravings on the door sill guards. This New Mégane breaks the codes of the traditional compact sedan with its original proportions, its high waistline and its receding roof.

The welcome sequence for New Mégane E-TECH Electric begins with a luminous animation of the lights. Then lamps on the mirrors project the Renault logo and the flush door handles come out of the bodywork. In the passenger compartment, the gigantic OpenR screen and the ambient lighting come on, accompanied by a little identity sound.

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