10 years of Succes for the NISSAN Juke

November 23rd 2020
In 2010, Nissan shook the waters of the global automotive industry by introducing the first compact crossover. This was none other than the Juke as there was nothing like the market with its bold design that managed to combine a sense of freedom and sporty driving in compact dimensions. It was the model that created an alternative to the traditional driver options at the time. In the years that followed, sales far exceeded the initial expectations of Nissan itself. Despite the arrival of many competitors after that, the Juke remained the benchmark in this market segment. In particular, more than 1.5 million customers have sat behind the wheel of a Nissan Juke in these ten years. The second generation of Juke is coming to continue the successful course of its predecessor. Modern design, plenty of space in the interior are just some of its main, top-of-the-line features while the advanced technology, connectivity and practicality it offers are elements that raise the bar much in the face of competition. The latest generation of Juke retains many of the features that define its predecessor, but upgrades the recipe for success by offering a premium, connected driving experience. It should be mentioned that the new second generation Nissan Juke received the highest rating of five stars from the Independent European Safety Agency Euro NCAP, with praise for the protection it provides and for its safety technologies.