Pilakoutas Group: A glimpse at the best Electric cars in Cyprus in 2021

December 23rd 2021

What was once a niche, the electric car industry has become more and more mainstream every year; and with new cars entering the market not only from luxury manufacturers but also from more affordable car makers, the choices now are flooding the market!
Head this way as we go through the Top 5 electric cars in Cyprus right now!


1. BMW i3

BMW has played a key role in bringing electric cars into the market since its debut, and the i3 model has proved that electric cars can also be fun and exciting to drive thanks to its unique design, amazing performance, and innovative carbon fiber and aluminium construction.

So get in and enjoy the ultimate experience of one of the best electric cars in Cyprus!


The BMW i3’s cutting-edge technology is ideal to accommodate  your daily life, from city drives to new excursions in the countryside and thanks to a wide range of seat adjustments it's easy to get comfortable.

The car is quite spacious, and while it doesn't take up much space on the road, it feels much larger on the inside. That's due to a spacious interior and a higher seating position than many city cars, which provides you a superb view of the road.

Rear parking sensors come standard, while the Park Assist option adds front sensors, a rear-view camera, and an automatic self-parking system.

In addition, every i3 comes with full LED headlights as standard, which produce a brighter, wider, and more uniform light than halogen bulbs.

The i3 has a 10.25-inch touchscreen in the center of the dashboard, as well as sat-nav, DAB radio, Bluetooth, and a USB port on all models.

The sat-nav was also designed to make electric driving easier; it can direct you to charging stations and even alert you if a location is beyond your current range.

Stability control and 6 airbags are included in the i3, but if you want technologies like active cruise control, automated emergency city braking and road sign recognition, you'll have to spend extra for the Driving Assistant Plus package.

If you’re looking for an innovative, elegant, enjoyable, and pleasant electric car in Cyprus then the BMW i3 is your go-to car! With powerful performance and strong street presence, this car offers an interesting driving experience that is far removed from more traditional city cars!




2. BMW iX3

The BMW iX3 represents a shift in direction for the German automaker; at least when it comes to electric cars. A solid plastic grille, aerodynamic alloy wheels, and a sprinkling of blue accents are the only aesthetic differences between this and the petrol/diesel models.

BMW's iDrive infotainment system is also standard in the iX3. The 10.3-inch touchscreen display in the centre of the dashboard can be controlled using a secondary rotary controller located between the front seats. When you're on the go, the latter is far less distracting, as is the natural speaking voice control feature, which works remarkably well.

As far as the car’s space is concerned, the back seats are practical and large enough for adults, with plenty of room to stretch out, and the outer rear seats can also be reclined for a more laid-back seating position, a feature not seen in the iX3's main competitors.

The highest charging rate of the BMW iX3 is 150kW, which means a 10-80% charge can be finished in just 30 minutes.


In addition, Premier Edition and Premier Edition Pro are the only two trim levels available. The former has 20-inch aerodynamic alloy wheels, a motorized tailgate, a panoramic sunroof, and heated front leather seats, while the Premier Edition Pro adds a head-up display, auto-dipping headlights, and keyless entry.

Despite the fact that it is built on a petrol basis, the all-electric BMW iX3 marks itself as a practical family SUV for driving around the city and the motorway and above all an excellent choice for an Electric car in Cyprus. 


3. BMW i4 M50

For the first time, the BMW i4 M50 blends BMW M's revolutionary power with BMW i's.

As a result, the BMW i4 M50, with its totally electric drive powered by two BMW M eDrive motors, generates a whopping 400 kW in Sport Boost mode and delivers classic BMW M dynamics in a “never-seen before” form, offering a completely new driving experience.


BMW M IconicSounds Electric has produced a distinct and extremely intense sound world for the BMW i4 M50. As a result, you may enjoy the sheer driving pleasure with all of your senses by experiencing an expressive driving sound via the interior audio system.

The i4 M50's adaptive M suspension and variable sport steering with M Sport brake, offer maximum driving precision, whereas its s high-performance drivetrain, which includes two high-performance BMW M eDrive engines, ensures quick power delivery. 

The M Aerodynamics package consists of M-specific front and rear aprons in the vehicle color, design features on the side sills in Black high-gloss, and a two-piece diffuser insert in Dark Shadow metallic and Black high-gloss, which exude a pure dynamic and sports character, 

The optional, multi-adjustable M Sport seats with bucket seat character and partially integrated headrest offer superb lateral support for you and your front passenger. 

Furthermore, the breadth of the backrest can be modified independently. Their unique look, complete with a black M logo, emphasizes the vehicle's athletic aesthetic.

With your BMW i4 with BMW Charging, you can take advantage of a variety of tailored options for charging at home, on the road, or even at work. It’s excellent charging performance, allows you to recharge 140 km of range in just 10 minutes or recharge the battery from 10 to 80% at public IONITY high-power charging stations in just 31 minutes.


The BMW i4 M50 is always produced in a sustainable manner, using only green energy.

Furthermore, the BMW i4 M50's high-performance battery was designed to be free of rare earth elements.
The best part, though, is that when you drive the BMW i4 M50, you are always on the road with zero local emissions, so you can always enjoy the thrilling driving experience with nothing to worry about!

Overall, the BMW i4 M50 provides a plethora of sporty equipment options that will elevate your diving experience to a whole new level.
The BMW M Performance Parts enhance the dynamic appearance of the car and set real motorsport highlights both the exterior and interior, whereas the original BMW accessories are available to match your needs.
This unique vehicle is the first entirely Electric car in Cyprus - Gran Coupé - from BMW M and establishes an alternative way of driving.


4. BMW i4


The BMW i4, the world's first all-electric Gran Coupé, combines superb dynamics with a high level of comfort and the ideal features to make it your daily vehicle. The five-door variant is outfitted with fifth-generation BMW eDrive technology, which provides sporting performance statistics of up to 400 kW/544 hp (BMW i4 M50). It is the ideal choice for any travel journey, with a range of up to 590 kilometers (BMW i4 eDrive40) and five comfortable full-sized seats.

The BMW i4 is a full-fledged five-seater for up to three passengers in the back and its generous headroom and legroom guarantees that everyone can sit comfortably.

The BMW i4's baggage compartment has a volume of 470 litres, which is large for a coupé and may also be extended to 1,290 litres when folding down the back bench seat.

The innovative features of the My BMW App and BMW Maps with Connected Charging and Connected Navigation, as well as the expanded Apple CarPlay connection, assist you in making the most of your BMW i4's range and when planning your journeys.

As far as the car’s interior is concerned, the BMW i4's incredibly sleek and flat instrument panel sets the tone for the car's futuristic design. The elevated center console gives the vehicle a dynamic and sporty impression while also defining a separate area for the driver and front passenger.

Charging a BMW i4 now is a lot easier that one could expect.
The Connected Charging service locates the nearest charging station along your journey, allowing you to charge your BMW i4 when you need to – and charge from 0 to 80% in just 31 minutes with up to 205 kW of charging power.
Alternatively, you may recharge up to 164 km range in just 10 minutes (up to 140km in 10 minutes for i4 M50). 


The BMW i4 is produced in a sustainable manner, using only green energy. Furthermore, the high-performance battery in the BMW i4 was designed to be free of rare earth elements. The best part, though, is that when you drive the BMW i4, you are always on the road with zero local emissions, so you can always enjoy the thrilling driving experience worry-free.




5. BMW iX



The new BMW iX achieves an extraordinary and powerful performance from a standstill thanks to economical BMW eDrive technology and its fully electric all-wheel drive - an output of 523 hp propels the BMW iX xDrive50 from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.6 seconds (BMW iX xDrive40: 326 hp*; 0-100 km/h in 6.1 s).
The sophisticated BMW Operating System 8 is always up to date and easy to use.

For the first time, the new BMW iDrive immerses you in a whole new holistic interior experience and allows you to “interact” with your BMW in a natural manner.
Aside from the haptics of the iDrive user interface, you are able to handle the infotainment system with the help of its clever digital assistant, which responds to your voice and motions and makes your stay in the BMW iX as comfortable as possible.

The BMW iX has an extremely large range of driver and assistance systems as standard features: such as the Steering and lane guidance assist with extended functions, Emergency steer assist, Lane keeping assistant with side collision warning and The Parking Assistant Plus.

The BMW iX's front end has been redesigned in a futuristic manner, and the vertically aligned BMW kidney grille, along with the thinnest dual headlamps ever made by BMW for standard production vehicles, emphasizes the SAV's futuristic design.
The generously scaled rectangular outlines surrounding the wheel arches draw the eye to the wheels. The flush door handles, frameless doors and the window design, known as the "Streamflow," are all seamlessly blended into the overall aesthetic.

The car’s interior is sleek and cut down to the essentials - mainly noted on the displays and controls. The glassy iDrive Controller in the center console serves as the primary control element, and it is framed by an exquisite control panel made of FSC-certified wood.
The BMW iX also provides a roomy lounge feel for the back passengers, as well as heating and 3D loudspeakers built into the headrests are further additions for the rear seats.

The full-length "Sky Lounge'' panoramic glass roof, gives the cabin a large sense of spaciousness and a calm lounge ambience. It can be electro-chromatically veiled for more privacy, and due to the fact that there is no need for an interior headliner, it provides passengers with even more headroom while maintaining a modern appearance.

Because of the overall BMW iX’s sustainability concept and eco-friendly mentality, the vehicle releases 45% lower greenhouse gas emissions over its full life cycle. The reason for this is, because of the use of solely renewable energies during production, as well as the use of natural and recycled materials, such as the floor mats made entirely of Econyl, making it an excellent choice for your next Electric Car in Cyprus.




6. Mini Electric



The first all-electric Mini marks a significant evolutionary step forward, combining the MINI go-kart experience with its classic design.

While the new features are mostly cosmetic, the new Mini Electric is a compelling alternative to the petrol vehicles.

The main changes on the outside are a broader, body-coloured grille that replaces the former grey insert, as well as the removal of the front fog lights.

There’s also a plethora of customising options! Within each trim level's pricing range, you can select from a variety of wheel designs, exterior and roof paint colors, mirror caps, and upholstery finishes.

All the Mini Electrics come with a leather-trimmed sports steering wheel with multi-function buttons, whereas the up-to-date infotainment system has been designed to (kind of) mimic a smartphone.
The maps in the car’s system are able to show nearby charging stations, and you may have a split-screen setup with sat-nav directions displayed next to the map.

The Mini’s battery charging time, you may use a standard 7kW home wall box which will take 4 hours and 12 minutes to fully charge, whereas a 50kW public CCS charger can provide an 0-80% charge in just 36 minutes. You can also use a conventional three-pin home socket, to charge from 0 to 80% and will take 12 hours.

The Mini Electric car also comes with the Driving Assistant pack offering a variety of safety features, including a camera-based assistance system that can recognize and warn you about speed limits, and contains a pedestrian warning system with automatic braking for any potential collisions that may occur. Rear parking sensors and a rear-view camera are standard on Level 2 models, while front parking sensors and Parking Assistant, which can parallel park your car for you, are available on Level 3 models.

Overall, Mini has stayed true to its core values when it comes to the development of its new Electric model. It still remains a fun car to drive with its refined appearance, while all the electric features add extra value to this famous car making it one of the most loved electric cars in Cyprus.



7. Jaguar I Pace



Jaguar I Pace is what we call “a true driver's car”!

The Jaguar I Pace has been designed with a beautiful, highly aerodynamic design to provide efficiency by cutting cleanly through the air for maximum range and stability. In a few simple words, this car perfectly blends technology with practicality and stunning interior.

With fine details and sweeping lines, the interior design is clean and simple and because of the electric powertrain's design, more room is available, allowing the I Pace’s interior to be as comfortable as possible.

Moreover, the two electric motors (one at the front and one at the back) provide a four-wheel drive in every Jaguar I-Pace.

The I Pace's upper dashboard features a big, 10.0in touchscreen that controls the sat-nav, phone, radio functions just like other Jaguars, as well as a new Pivi Pro infotainment system allowing you to modify the car's settings.

Automatic emergency braking and lane-keeping assistance are standard on every Jaguar I-Pace. Also incorporated is traffic sign recognition, which shows the speed limit on your dashboard.

As for the car’s battery, a 7kW charger will take about 12 hours to fully charge the I-Pace. A 40-minute blast from a 100kW charger will give you about 240 miles of range, whereas a 50kW charger will take nearly 1 hour and 30 minutes.
Having said that, the Jaguar I Pace is one of the most impressive electric cars in Cyprus, providing a highly practical and versatile blend of performance, range, and luxury, all while maintaining the utility and versatility of a midsize SUV.





8. Nissan Leaf

The new Nissan Leaf is comfortable and simple to drive, especially in town, and has a good and broad range, so it should appeal to a wide spectrum of potential buyers. 

Leaf comes with the most advanced Intelligent Driving technology, such as e-Pedal and ProPILOT, to provide you with the pleasure of dynamic driving. The Leaf's electric powertrain is swift and smooth, and the e-Pedal technology makes it a fun car to drive around town.

Every Leaf has an 8.0-inch touchscreen with a logical operating system, a DAB radio, and smartphone mirroring for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The Nissan smartphone app allows you to check things like the battery charge of the Leaf or turn on the climate control before getting in.

Having this in mind, this electric vehicle plugs into a standard household charging point with a Type 2 cable, and can charge from 0 to 100% with a 7kW charger in about 6.5 hours (40kW Leaf) or 10 hours (62kWh e+).

The all-electric Nissan Leaf is a practical and efficient family hatchback with an impressive amount of technology included.

The Nissan Leaf can comfortably seat four adults and has one of the largest boots in the class and has plenty of head and legroom overall. 

Another Electric car within the Nissa family is the Nissan Ariya, which will launch very soon and we will be able to take an analytical tour just like we did with all the above cars… So, stay tuned!

For more information, and to request a test drive with either of the above cars, do not hesitate to get in touch with our sales team at Charalambos Pilakoutas Group.