The all new 4 series Coupe Presentation

November 23rd 2020

With the implementation of the protection measures against the corona virus, we welcomed in Cyprus a literally, fantastic car, the new BMW 4 Series. The unveiling of the model was realized through an extremely exciting video production at the Char. Pilakoutas Showcase. The new '4' evokes the senses and it fascinates with its emblematic design. As Adrian van Hooydonk, Head of the BMW Group Design Team, notes, "with the new design philosophy, the new BMW 4 Series Coupé emphatically expresses its independent character." More sporty and more special than ever, it redefines the essence of driving pleasure in the luxury coupe category. The special front part with the characteristic BMW grille, emphasizes the independent character of the car. At the same time, in the interior, the simplification of complexity reflects the new design philosophy, combined with high quality equipment elements. Flawless functionality puts the driver at the center of action and enjoyment. Truly, the challenge of driving this car is irresistible. Advanced performance and economy engines, state-of-the-art assist and safety technology and innovative driver information and entertainment systems create a unique experiential driving experience. The new BMW 4 Series invites us to feel the fourth dimension of a unique dynamic aesthetic. and charts the way to the future. A future with the BMW seal and the guarantee in Cyprus of the Pilakoutas Group. View the Video