Pilakoutas Group: The all-new electric BMW iX

February 08th 2022

Born from a vision. Created for electric mobility. The new BMW iX has all the elegant touches that place it at the top of the best electric cars in the market!

Powered by cutting-edge 5th Generation BMW eDrive technology and a fully electric all-wheel drive system, the BMW iX achieves an exceptional range and delivers powerful acceleration from a standstill. The intelligent BMW Operating System 8 always keeps itself up to date and can be operated completely intuitively.

Charging your BMW iX

With your BMW iX and BMW Charging, you can benefit from a variety of tailored options for charging almost everywhere!

BMW iDrive

For the first time, the new BMW iDrive takes you in a whole new holistic interior experience and allows you to speak with your BMW in a natural manner. Aside from the haptics of the iDrive user interface, you can manage the infotainment system with the help of its clever digital assistant, which responds to your voice and motions and makes driving in the BMW iX as comfortable as possible.

Driving Assistance

The BMW iX comes with a plethora of driver and assistance systems, including a Driving Assistant Professional providing maximum comfort and safety, steering and lane assistance. The Parking Assistant Plus assists with parking and manoeuvring by utilising a large number of cameras to provide you with a complete display of what is happening around your vehicle – in 3D as well.


The BMW iX's monolithic design is portrayed through generously proportioned surfaces and distinctive lines. Every element fits perfectly into the modern design, giving the impression that the vehicle was created from a single mould.

Exterior Design

The exterior of the BMW iX is clear and minimalist design, and highlights a new type of mobility targeted squarely to the demands of the vehicle's occupants.
It’s design is based on the power and characteristics of a BMW SAV, which are combined with a simplified, future-oriented design vocabulary and a holistic, sustainable vehicle concept.
The flush door handles, frameless doors, and window outline towards the back are all seamlessly blended into the overall aesthetic.
All these elements emphasise this electric car’s physical proportions, both inside and out.

Interior Design

The interior design is modern and comes only with the essentials - as you can see in the displays and controls. The glassy iDrive controller in the centre console serves as the primary control element, and it is framed by an exquisite control panel made of FSC-certified wood.
Eliminating the centre tunnel allowed the BMW iX to provide more space to the back passengers.
The BMW iX's interior is a one-of-a-kind place to unwind, with architecture influenced by current interior design.
Finally, the panoramic glass canopy of the "Sky-lounge" offers an astonishing sense of space as well as a relaxed lounge vibe.

Holistic Sustainability

The BMW iX emits 45% lower greenhouse gas emissions during its entire life cycle when compared to a SAV with a comparable powerful combustion engine, thanks to the full sustainability concept.
It has low energy consumption - no more than 23 kW/h - and remarkable aerodynamics with a cd of 0.25. Driving the BMW iX in “My Mode Efficient” enhances this outstanding efficiency.

Wheels and Tyres

Tyres have a significant influence on driving dynamics and safety. As a result, we expect excellent standards from the tyres we use on our cars. Furthermore, development is carried out in close collaboration with key tyre manufacturers. The tyres are custom-made to assure a faultless, one-of-a-kind fit for your BMW.

The new BMW iX is paving the way for a new generation of electric cars that will redefine sustainability, driving enjoyment, and what it means to be premium.

For more information and to request a test drive with BMW’s electric iX, do not hesitate to get in touch with our sales team at Char. Pilakoutas Ltd.