Pilakoutas Group: Which is the best Coupe SUV in Cyprus for 2021?

April 19th 2021

The word "coupe" is widely used to describe a two-door sports car. On the other hand, a four-door coupe has a sportier appearance with slick styling. And as soon as the word was coined, it was only appropriate for the SUV to follow and join the category and create the “SUV Coupe”.
The SUV coupe is characterized by dynamic side lines and a coupé-like roof line giving the car a sporty silhouette. The majority of conventional SUVs have a roomy and functional interior, however, the two categories are different in more ways than you can think… and this is something you can read in our previous article when we talked solely about the traditional SUV cars!

SUV coupe cars are not for everybody, still they continue to be sold fairly high despite their… unique appearance, which explains why more and more brands have joined this specific market; all thanks to BMW, for popularizing the segment in the first place.
Now let’s see which cars we’re referring to and managed to step up the SUV coupe game!



“The new BMW X4 combines the robustness of an X vehicle with the muscular power of a sports car.” - Adrian van Hooydonk, Head of BMW Group Design

Whatever obstacles may stand in the way, the BMW X4 is ready to face them. Its forward-thinking nature and coupé-like contours immediately show its passion for action. Thanks to its first-class driving dynamics, the revolutionary lightweight construction with a low centre of gravity and the even higher efficiency standard are all part of giving a pure driving enjoyment.
The BMW X4 impresses on all fronts with its athletic style and sporty elegance; from its dynamic side lines to its coupé-like roof line, and from its big and athletic flat rear end, as well as the narrow full LED combination rear lights, the BMW X4 is definitely your go-to SUV coupe car!
What’s more to this?
The BMW X4's modern assistance systems ensure optimum protection and convenience, while a creative infotainment system entertains and informs.
Lastly, thanks to BMW ConnectedDrive's smart digital benefits, you can stay connected at all times while on the road for easy and comfortable everyday mobility.


“The new BMW X6 polarises and provokes. As the first of its kind, the X6 stands more than ever for an independent and self-confident character.” - Domagoj Dukec, Head of BMW Design

An intelligent beast created to lead!
Its extremely athletic body, as well as the modern, distinctive design is exemplified by supreme exclusivity and forward-thinking innovations like the impressive BMW kidney grille "Iconic Glow."
All of this points to one thing: complete supremacy, which the new BMW X6 demonstrates with ease on any route thanks to a powerful engine, precise suspension, and features like the xOffroad package. With the latest BMW X6, you'll discover a previously unheard new way of “overcoming expectations”.
The latest BMW X6's design empowers power and presence. Its well-trained aesthetic qualities are provided by its dynamic proportions and strong surfaces, whereas its technology is on par with its athletic feel in every way and its ready for action!
The new generation of BMW assistance systems ensure that you arrive at your destination not only comfortably but also safely. Finally, its unique paint finishes coupled with fine leather upholsteries and interior trims, the BMW X6's distinctive appearance stands out from miles away!


Clean. Elegant. Distinctive.
The new Range Rover Velar is a pioneer in the field of reductive design.
This SUV Coupe exudes a bold, a modern and a revolutionary philosophy which makes it breath-taking!
Its aerodynamics are improved by striking dimensions, flush door handles, and an incorporated rear spoiler. The foil stamped grille also gives the vehicle's front profile an undeniable appearance.
The Range Rover Velar is perfectly proportioned and balanced. From the formal, strong front end, through a flowing, continuous waistline, and culminating in a taut and elegantly tapered rear, its proud Range Rover legacy is immediately recognisable, making this SUV coupe difficult to “not-to-stare”!

You may think that there's a lot more cars that we could have included in this list, but this time we wanted to keep the list short, simple yet powerful! No matter which car you choose there’s only one thing for sure… these SUV Coupe cars are definitely leading the way… all the way!
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