Only a motorcycle gives you the feeling of true freedom between the sky and the road.

You are not only riding the motorcycle, you are also shaping it. Just as it shapes you and your life – with every mile you travel together and with every hour spent with the screwdriver.

In this way, the motorcycling tradition is your shared slipstream and modern technology your drive.

Heritage is inherited. Pass on your style to these modern classics – making them as unique as you. The new R 18 invokes the history and the iconic hallmarks of the BMW brand. The result: a true BMW cruiser that is full of character, surrounding the largest displacement boxer engine we have ever built and timeless design features.

    R 18 Standard Specification:
  • ASC (Automatic Stability Control)
  • Full LED headlight
  • Keyless Ride
  • LED rear and brake light included in rear indicators
  • Speedometer with multifunction display (on-board computer)
  • 3 riding modes (Rock, Roll, Rain)

Ride the R18 on & on & on, from €23,500, now with a 3-year Warranty.

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